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Have with a Lily pup and Cali looking at the pups in the pen


 View from our property in Egerton, N. S.


Me with Bree and Ranger at Chance Harbor, N. S.


Both my husband, Havelock, and I were born, grew up and in 1971, were married in Nova Scotia. His career in retail has taken us as far as Ontario in one direction, to Newfoundland in another and back to Ontario where, after 25 years, we retired from Giant Tiger #26. We are now living in Egerton, N. S. which explains our kennel name.

TIGGER (1985 - 1997)

Although I have owned dogs all my life, we did not get our first Vizsla until 1985. Tess's Flaming Topaz Tigress came to us just before Christmas and was Have's dog. Tigger joined our family of four human children, one American Cocker Spaniel, a Gerbil and a number of tropical fish. When you consider her choices of role models, we were thankful she grew up thinking she was a cocker. Needless to say, she spoiled us for any other breed or as my friend Jeff Weaver says "Is there any other breed?"



When we bought Tig, we knew nothing about the breed. We saw some cute pups and bought one. When I decided to bring another Vizsla into our lives, I went to meet the breeder armed with a list of questions I obtained from the internet. Elaine took these questions to mean I wanted a career for my girl and when Lil was 7 months old, she introduced us to Liz Outram, professional gun dog trainer. When we saw our baby on point, we were hooked - she was getting her field titles. Over the course of time, we developed a friendship with Liz and when Lily was two and a half years old, she encouraged me to show her in confirmation. What an exciting experience that was - even though we did not get any points, I could hardly wait to go again! Liz had put a NAVHDA natural ability Prize 111 on her as well as her Field Dog Junior and Field Dog titles, but I was unbelievably proud to have handled her to her Conformation Championship. Since then, I have started/finished Championships on Cali, Bree and Ranger and have put Romeo's first two points on him. Liz continues to do an excellent job of training/handling in the field.

With health checks completed and the conditions of my non breeding contract met, Liz advised me on different stud pedigrees. Since Lily is at the top of the height standard for a female, we looked for a smaller, square male with lots of bone. Of course, his health checks had to be complete, overall conformation had to be good, he needed to have excellent temperament and his pedigree had to be compatible with Lil's. Once again, had it not been for Liz helping us with all the details, we would never have attempted it. Narrowing our choice to two studs, we made arrangements to meet Onpoints Wild Thorn. Because they have such a large kennel, I was a bit leary on what to expect. My uncertainties were quickly put to rest as we toured the clean, spacious runs and met one friendly dog after another. We not only met Thorn, we also met his sister, his mother and his grandmother. I was very impressed with the uniformity in size, color and temperament. The deal was made and we were so pleased with the first litter, we did a repeat breeding a year later.



Our commitment is first and foremost to the breed. It is our intention to breed only those dogs that meet our standards for temperament and health. Studs will be chosen to compliment and/or improve our current bloodlines. We will either own or co-own a puppy from each litter to insure we are meeting our standards. To the best of our ability, we will be available as a resource for puppy buyers for the life of the dog. We will offer a contract that is fair to both buyer and seller, while putting the welfare of the dog first (see Puppy Contract).

Breeding for Versatility
Our Conformation Champions hold Field Titles