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Egerton's Atlantic Hunter

One of the many benefits of breeding is meeting and corresponding with some of the new puppy owners. One couple in particular sent many an amusing story on their experiences with their new boy, Hunter. One of my favorites was when Grant put a lead on Hunter to walk him and decided he had a manufacturing defect....

Whoever installed the steering controls on our puppy got them in backwards.
First the leash does not work, my end with the controls does not communicate with the other end. When I want to go, the dog stops. When I want to stop the dog wants to go. When I want him walking on my right, he is running on my left, across the front, between my legs etc. When I am walking straight, he is walking to the left. Someone has to let the manufacturer know about this installation problem.
Pictures show (top) Hunter (Mr Red) having a nap, Hunter with big blue dog and Hunter just sitting around.(Bottom) Baron and Hunter on a play date and Hunter baby pictures.
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Breeding for Versatility
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