Lily's Litters

Egerton's Atlantic Litter - born March 04, 2004

The future home of Egerton Vizslas is in Egerton, Nova Scotia. Our property is located on Merigomish Harbour on the Atlantic Ocean. To date, Lil and Thorn have produced two litters - "Atlantic" and "B".

Thank you to all our owners for choosing an Egerton Vizsla and for sharing updates with us from time to time.

Please click on the pictures to learn a bit about each of our Atlantic litter. Those names in blue either have or are working on titles.











Egerton's "B" Litter - born February 12, 2005

Eight beautiful pups were produced in this litter - two females and six males. With the exception of two pups, all were named "Egertons Bayside ..... so we refer to them as the Bayside litter. Most of these pups went to pet homes. Two are co-owned and will work towards titles and buyer is interested in titles. When work has begun on these titles, they will be added to Our dogs and extended family. You can see updated pictures of the rest of the "Bayside" litter as folks send them. They will be displayed on a page yet to be built.

The pictures below show various stages of the "puppy testing" of the Bayside litter. These tests are to help determine energy level, natural ability, social skills, dominance. They were conducted by Liz Outram of Point Blank Dogs and assisted by Harvey Gold from Highpoint Vizslas.

stack_299.jpg testwing_307.jpg test_318.jpg
testback_309.jpg testpoint_292.jpg testpot_294.jpg
umbrella_268.jpg testchase-283.jpg testretrieve_263.jpg
Breeding for Versatility
Our Conformation Champions hold Field Titles