Puppy Buyers Contract

On this date, _____________________ the puppy (tattoo/microchip number) ___________________

Sex: ________________ , Birth Date: ________________ 

Sire: ___________________________________________       CKC/AKC registration #: ___________________________

Dam:___________________________________________       CKC/AKC registration #: ___________________________

Was sold by Mabel Bingley, Egerton Reg'd Vizslas (the breeder) to: 



Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone #: _________________________________________________

For the purchase price of $ __________________________________


  1.  At the time of sale, the breeder guarantees the above mentioned puppy is healthy and has received its first immunization  vaccinations. The puppy is free of parasites and has been tattooed /micro chipped as per Canadian Kennel Club regulations.

     2.  The breeder will provide the owner with a Canadian Kennel Club registration certificate as soon as available from the CKC.

     3.  The breeder guarantees this puppy for*life threatening* genetic problems of the hips, heart and eyes. If the puppy is                  determined  to possess a genetic defect by the age of 3 years, the breeder will refund all or part of the purchase price subject to confirmation of the defect by a veterinarian of the breeder's choice at the owner's expense. All inoculations must be up to date with certificates.  If the buyer does not follow the spacing of vaccines as provided by the breeder, the guarantee is void, this includes combining other medications with vaccines or giving other medications too close to vaccines.  The buyer agrees never to allow Corona vaccine to be given to this puppy.

     4.  To the best of the breeder's ability, she will be available for consultation for the life of the puppy.

     5. If at any time the owner cannot continue to care for this Vizsla, the owner will return the dog to the breeder. Every effort will be made to place the dog in an appropriate home and the owner will receive any moneys (less expenses) from the sale. 

     6. The buyer will have the puppy vet-checked by a board-certified veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase.

     7.  The buyer agrees to take the puppy to at least 1 6 - 8 week course in obedience.  This is very important for socialization.

     8. The buyer agrees that he/she will abide by the CKC Non-Breeding contract and/or this contract and understands copies of the following must be sent to the breeder before this can be lifted:

  • CKC Conformation title and one other CKC working title
  • OFA Certification of Hips and Eyes
  • Copy of the pedigree dog/bitch is being bred to.  Based on compatibility of pedigrees, breeder reserves the right to refuse the breeding.  Under no ohter circumstances will this contract be lifted.

Signed (Owner)______________________________________________________         

Signed (Owner)_______________________________________________________

Signed (breeder) _____________________________________________________

Mabel Bingley, P. O. Box 77, RR #3 Merigomish, NS  B0K 1G0

(902)926-2218      (902)396-8353   email:  egertonvizslas@hotmail.com

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