Puppy Testing

Puppy testing is done at seven weeks to help us determine energy levels, natural ability, social skills and dominance. Although not 100% accurate, it helps us match puppies and owners.

The pictures below show various stages of the "puppy testing" of the Bayside litter. These tests were conducted by Liz Outram of Point Blank Dogs and assisted by Harvey Gold from Highpoint Vizslas

stack_299.jpg testwing_307.jpg test_318.jpg

In the top row of photos: Ruger is being stacked for conformation in the first photo.

Major, while not on point, is very intent on the wing in the second photo

Finnley is very calm as Liz suspends him

testback_309.jpg testpoint_292.jpg testpot_294.jpg

In the first photo, Tyson shows acceptance after a few brief struggles as Liz holds him on his back to test his dominance, the second shows Rubik pointing the wing and the last photo shows Rubik investigating the pot and spoon (the pot is banged with the spoon, then dropped on the floor/ground to test reaction to loud noise)

umbrella_268.jpg testchase-283.jpg testretrieve_263.jpg

The first shot shows Bentley investigating the umbrella which has been popped open and dropped as he faces it. Panna not only demonstrates her "chase " instinct, she catches the cloth Liz drags around . Bentley is showing his natural retrieve as he brings a crumpled paper back to Liz .

The one pup not in any of the photos, Cara, was a little faster than the camera. That gives you an idea of her energy level and drive. She has gone to Newfoundland where she is charming all she meets on the "rock". While not pursuing any titles, she hopes to hunt with her new dad in the fall.

Breeding for Versatility
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